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Business Areas

SPARKLINGROCKS® adapts to your state of art and to the results you want achieve.

Proprietary Trading

Enhance and automate your business by setting up your customised trading operations through the limitless features of Jagged Island. Exploit our low latency and highly scalable framework for complex strategies.

Devise ad-hoc analysis and execution models for directional trading, arbitrage, market making, global macro, event-driven and hedging strategies and ensure their reliability trough in-depth back-testing and tech-testing features.

Adopts an active risk management policy using real-time risk metrics within the models and simultaneously activates intraday and multiday strategies on the same instrument.

Automatically manage corporate actions, lending, rolling on derivatives and produce analyses and reports required for compliance efficiently.

Wealth Management

Automate the customization of investments by improving quality standards and offer the customer a more dynamic tool to manage their requirements.

Differentiate your trading activities across multiple asset classes and algorithmic approaches, to optimally address your clients’ requirements. Apply a mix of short, medium and long term strategies for management diversification.

Actively respects mandate constraints without affecting management strategies.

Monitor your whole operativity through Jagged Island's position keeping functionalities and ensure full transparency to investors by tracking your positions both in real-time and through historical reports.

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Fund Management

Take advantage of the quantitative approach to perform sophisticated, fast and precise analyses on a large number of instruments and variables.

Ensure close adherence to the fund's stated investment strategy. Optimally manage the degree of concentration (sectoral, geographical, etc.) and access the extreme possibilities of diversification. Maintain a high liquidity rate of the fund by reducing the risks involved.

Implement allocation strategies that take into account tax optimization issues. Increase transparency on management activity with real-time monitoring and detailed and updated reporting.

Manage all types of funds (mutuals, hedges, etfs, etc.) in a single environment, reduce trading and management costs and automate the various management phases such as rebalancing and constrain management.


Set up a comprehensive system of cutting-edge execution algorithms to successfully execute client orders of any size over a wide range of liquidity venues.

Test and adjust your execution logic to reduce spreads when the market is volatile and to ensure the least amount of slippage possible for large orders and illiquid assets.

Customise your strategies to automatically rebalance or hedge your inventory and find the greatest sources of liquidity across venues. Allow users to monitor the status of trades and the related evaluation metrics in real time.


Build analysis models with our open development environment and seamlessly deploy them in Jagged Island. Exploit multiple data feeds and types to aliment your algorithms for the computation of price targets. Automate the generation of signals on a wide variety of instruments and promptly communicate the results with a real-time interface or readymade reports.

Enable clients to quickly assess risk and monitor their positions. Identifies and promptly communicates the investment opportunities to be offered to users with the desired degree of customization. Increases the quality of service by reducing costs

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