OpenAi, the company behind the language of artificial intelligence that powers ChatGpt, lost $540 million in 2022. The figure, reported on The Information, indicates that much of the decline stems from the organization’s efforts to finalize ChatGpt. Earlier this year, OpenAi received a strong investment of around $10 billion from Microsoft. However, the tech giant has already supported the organization with $1 billion from 2019 to 2021. As The Information explains, the high costs stem from the computing power of the computers required for the operation and processing of data for the so-called Llm, or “large language model,” linguistic models that give projects like ChatGpt the ability to understand human language and respond conversationally. An analyst cited by the publication notes that ChatGpt alone costs OpenAi approximately $700,000 per day.

ChatGpt Plus

In February, OpenAi launched a subscription service called ChatGpt Plus to generate revenue. However, The Information notes that the $20 per month fee charged to each subscriber is unlikely to offset the debt: “The more clients use ChatGpt, the more the company will need to make the algorithms better and faster.” OpenAi CEO Sam Altman has stated that the company could raise another $100 billion in funding in the coming years, riding on the interest in AI, especially with the launch of a new generation of ChatGpt.

BigG and Bard

OpenAi’s direct competitor, Google, is developing its AI software called Bard, which could cost the company up to ten times more than what is currently spent on web search. Like ChatGPT, Google Bard is a conversational AI chatbot capable of generating text in response to input. This means that you can ask it any question (provided it doesn’t violate Google’s rules), and Bard will provide an answer.

Bard is based on Google’s large language model (LLM) known as LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), which, like GPT-3.5, the model underlying ChatGpt, has learned language by drawing from the web and a vast number of parameters.

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