We connect you to a dynamic network around the Italian Tech community to expand your business in Italy, a fast-growing ecosystem in Europe. We provide a wide list of tools & services to help you to explore, understand and and develop in the Italian market.

French Tech Milan is a diverse and dynamic ecosystem. It brings together entrepreneurs, technology and & multi-sector company leaders , investors, associations, incubators and accelerators in order to foster discussion, debate and give feedback on innovations and start-ups in Italy and France.
Through its various initiatives, French Tech Milan aims to bring together the members of the Tech ecosystem in Italy and France, creating connections and opportunities between companies, to support them in their digital transformation and internationalisation.
The objectives of French Tech Milan are to:
– Structure and organise the ecosystem: bring together a French Tech community in Italy made up of companies, investors, public and private players capable of responding to the challenges and opportunities of the market.
– Facilitate the integration of innovative new French Tech companies, support their development and strengthen their presence on the Italian market.
– Encourage all forms of Italian-French collaboration: technological, entrepreneurial, R&D, …
– Promote funding schemes between French and Italian startups, so that our companies can be even more innovative and creative.


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