We are working on a new Jagged Island II product. Very soon a platform designed for quantitative finance will be available: for analysis, monitoring, disclosure and automated operation.
A single environment for big data characterized by heterogeneity and depth with a special attention to qualitative data.
An integrated development environment to create algorithms with the most popular and performing languages ​​without limits in the use of open source libraries.

Designed to create analysis models, on assets or economic quantities, whose output is aimed at monitoring, the internal or informative reporting.
Designed to create execution algorithms (executors) that associated with the models play a high level algo trading.

An ultra low latency, high performance, high scalability architecture, to support the high data flow and the high algorithmic workload, without limits thanks to the strong scalability.

Jagged Island

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Jagged Island is a new generation platform which represents a technological breakthrough for quantitative finance and algorithmic trading.

JI is extremely receptive with respect to financial and technological innovation, with the aim of offering a tool capable of grasping new business opportunities and addressing existing challenges.

Jagged Island allows to preserve the internal decision-making process (i.e. the algorithmic development) through a strong protection of intellectual property.

Jagged Island is the ideal development environment to create and implement AI-based algorithms.

JI aims at the automation of all types of operations, for all assets classes and markets.

It offers a great degree of control and monitoring of operations through algorithms and it allows the creation of reports.


Limitless creativity: JI allows a safe development of models with a high degree of freedom. Model development can be performed through the most common and performing programming languages, such as C, C++, Python, Java and LUA, with their corresponding open source modules.

Artificial intelligence: JI is the ideal environment for the employment of models developed through AI techniques.

Full optionals: JI offers a set of environments and functions for the to simplification of all the phases of the process: development, test, validation, production and optimization.

Open system: JI allows integration with data providers, position keeping, risk management, negotiation systems and other third-party systems which can improve data access for all the categories (micro, macro, market, news, proprietary and alternative) and grant processes automation.

Power: JI has an architecture developed for the support of huge data flows and to ensure a lot of computing power which may be requested from the complexity of the models and from the number of associated instruments.

Flexible organization: JI easily adapts to all organizational structures and it guarantees the performance of inter-desk or inter-firm activities.

Full control: the graphical interface is developed to simplify the monitoring and control of complex systems of portfolios, instruments and algorithms through the adoption of several aggregate controls and intermediate graphical representations.

Environments and functionalities


  • Strategies: it allows to plan operations in line with the objectives
  • Development: It allows the development of algorithms and their debugging
  • Virtual: it allows to evaluate the correct functioning of hardware resources for the systems of portfolios, instruments and algorithms which the user wants to activate
  • Backtest: it analyses the financial validity of the analysis models and the negotiation efficiency of the execution models
  • Signal: it analyses the market to provide indicators of trading ideas
  • Trading: it analyses the market and manages automated activities


JI is full of functionalities which allow to avoid time-consuming activities and to generate a leverage effect on quants’ jobs in all of their phases. For instance, it grants portfolios’ logics to respect their respective constraints, as well as real-time analysis tools of financial variables such as positions, operations, orders, returns and risks, technical, and functional analysis tools for complex systems of portfolios, instruments and algorithms.


  • Scalability: it allows a high degree of flexibility with respect to data feeds, to financial instruments and markets, and to the number and the complexity of the employed models.
  • Performance: it allows a fast elaboration under the same hardware resources of the system: low latency, high frequency and parallel computing.
  • Reliability: it allows an accuracy in the production of outputs as a function of inputs.
  • Safety: it allows a preservation of information in the assurance of access, usage and confidentiality of data. Particular care to the preservation of trading strategies, which are considered to be an important intellectual property.
  • Business continuity: it guarantees the continuation of activities, even in case of fault tolerance of disaster recovery.


It is a platform for quantitative finance and therefore naturally predisposed to incorporate financial innovation and to manage complex systems of algorithms.

Enhance and facilitate the work of quant developers and quant traders.

It internalizes the decision-making moment (algorithms) and allows autonomy and rapid times in the development of operational logics.

It can be used with the most popular and performing programming languages ​​and related open source libraries.

It guarantees the protection of the intellectual property of the models It allows easy access to all types of data: micro, macro, market, news.

It provides for integration and automation with respect to all third-party systems involved in the operational processes it manages.

It has a low latency and high scalability architecture that can easily cope with the important processing load required, the needs for operating speed and data flow.

Makes the organization of the operational structure flexible. It allows simple and efficient control and monitoring of the entire operation.

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